How we can help you?

A service made with love, by an agency for agencies.

Did you win the pitch and need to scale?​

kuehlhaus consulting has the competence and the network to support your digital agency projects. Give us a brief description of the service that you are promoting, and we can help you satisfy your client project needs. Our team can provide a consultative approach to help realise the best solution for your needs. We offer flexible solutions from small local on-site workers through to large project teams working remotely for you.

Have skilled workers on the bench?

Gaps in capacity utilisation can be the death of many digital businesses. We can help you quickly and easily to find the right projects for your employees through our kuehlhaus consulting partner program offering.

We understand how important it is to have a fully utilised team and that having many workers on the bench can not only cause financial problems but also morale issues too. With that in mind we have partnered with many top digital agencies in helping them reduce their on the bench workforce by enlisting into our kuehlhaus consulting partner network which allows you to confidently acquire new projects for your staff.

kuehlhaus Consulting Partner Program

Compliment your service offering

Your customers are happy with your service and want to work more intimately with them, but you don’t have the In-House available skills. For example, your focus is UI/UX but the customer wants a mobile application developed, then kuehlhaus consulting can compliment your service offering with these skills all under your client proposal without the stress of hiring additional workforce.